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Moosalamoo national recreation area

C O N S E R V I N G   T H E   L A N D .   P R E S E R V I N G   T H E   S P I R I T .

Moosalamoo (pronounced moose-ah-la-moo) is derived from the Abenaki word “Mozalômo” meaning “moose call, song or sound”

Board & Staff

Angelo Lynn, President
A resident along the western shore of Lake Dunmore for the past 20 years, Angelo joined the board several years ago and has served as president since 2017. He has been the editor/publisher of the Addison County Independent, a twice-weekly newspaper serving Addison County for the past 36 years. An outdoor enthusiast and former Alaskan guide and rock climber, he's a trail runner, road and mountain biker, alpine and Nordic skier, and loves to water ski and sail in the summers.

Merle Schloff, Vice President
Merle is a long-time board member. He is a retired furniture maker and lives in Salisbury. He enjoys European travel, especially skiing and hiking, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, flat and whitewater paddling. Merle enjoys foreign film, literature, theater, the Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox. 

Susan Johnson, Executive Director
A Brandon resident, Susan has worked over many years to balance the preservation of natural areas with responsible enjoyment and use. Her background in law and environmental policy led her to the National Park Service for 16 years and other similar endeavors. Susan is grateful to live in Vermont’s natural beauty and have MNRA in her backyard to hike and run on the trails, ski, snowshoe, and pick wild blueberries.

Warren Foster, Treasurer & Secretary
Warren is a native of nearby Middlebury, a Brandon homeowner for 32 years and board member for more than 15 years.  He enjoys alpine and nordic skiing, as well as back-country skiing. Skiing into the back woods near Blueberry Hill is a favorite tour.

Joanie Donahue
Joanie and her husband, Dave, have lived in Addison County for over 26 years, raising their three children here. She is an attorney by trade, but playing in the woods and mountains with her family and friends is her true passion. Along with her dogs, family and friends she has enjoyed almost every trail in the MNRA. When not on the MNRA trails she enjoys time with her family, backcountry skiing, hiking, trail running, cooking and time with friends. She is committed to the stewardship and preservation of the MNRA and is grateful to have this incredible resource so close to home.

Wendy Leeds
Wendy Leeds is fortunate to live and play in the mountains of Ripton, with the MNRA in her backyard. She worked as an administrator in non-profits and public education for 25 years before making the shift to health care in 2021 and retiring from 27 years of coaching youth athletes. Wendy grew up in western Massachusetts, Colorado, and Vermont. She serves on the Stride Foundation board and is a volunteer for Ripton Search & Rescue. When not working or running around in the woods with the husband and the dog, you can find her playing with art supplies, digging in the dirt, or making a mess in the kitchen.

Ashar Nelson, Addison County Bike Club
Ashar spent the first ten years of his life in Goshen, Vermont, abutting the MNRA, so you could say that this place is in his blood. He currently lives on the opposite side of the MNRA, close to the Oak Ridge trailhead in East Middlebury with his wife Amy. They are constantly in the MNRA in all seasons, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing and skiing, and they are still uncovering the secret corners of wild places there. Ashar is an Architect in Middlebury and an educator at Middlebury College. He has served on many local boards and especially enjoys support outdoor recreation with the Addison County Bike Club and the Moosalamoo Association.

Eben Punderson
Eben Punderson lives in Weybridge with his wife Jill Madden and together with various dogs, children or friends they spend about half of their playtime in Ripton or Goshen, enjoying what Moosalamoo has to offer at any given season or time of day. When not frolicking in the hills, Eben maintains a law practice in Middlebury and much of his work involves real estate transactions, including conservation projects. Eben grew up in southern Vermont, and graduated from UVM in 1987. He currently serves on the boards of Middlebury Area Land Trust and HOPE.

Ben Rosenberg
Ben has been a resident of Addison County since 1993. He is an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in sports medicine.  When not occupied fixing the various broken or worn out body parts of local residents, he enjoys hiking, skiing and riding in the mountains and valleys of our region. He is committed to strengthening and preserving the Moosalamoo NRA for future generations.  His chief love is Nordic skiing through the GMNF with friends; human and canine.

Dave Sabatini 
Dave is a landscape installation and maintenance professional and small business owner for more than 40  years. He loves living in Goshen, Vermont surrounded by National Forest land that is part of MNRA. Dave joined the association with the goal of participating in the stewardship and preservation of this wonderful resource.

Bill Sessions
Bill is a Middlebury College and George Washington University Law School alumnus and practiced law from 1973 to 1995 before he became a U.S. District Judge for the District of Vermont, which he continues to do part time. Bill enjoys and has hiked extensively in the MNRA, in addition to having hiked the Long Trail three times.

RJ Thompson, Vermont Huts Association
With the exception of three years adventuring in Jackson Hole, RJ has lived in Vermont since 2002. In addition to his role as executive director of the Vermont Huts Association, RJ also serves on the Green Mountain Club’s Camps Committee and Trail Management Committee. RJ is passionate about providing access to the outdoors for individuals of all backgrounds, particularly underrepresented youth.
Keith Wilkerson
Keith resides in Bristol and teaches science at Middlebury Union High School. After postdoctoral research in pharmacology, he went on to teach at Middlebury College and has a variety of experience from fundraising to coaching and managing youth Nordic skiing, soccer and lacrosse. Keith spends much of his free time in the MNRA biking, skiing, hiking, and generally enjoying its beauty. 

Moosalamoo Association is grateful for support from its members and many local businesses.

Benefactors, Supporters & Friends
And generous support from Champlain Valley Equipment, Green Mountain Club/Breadloaf Section, Multy Builders, Rainbow Pediatrics, The Vermont Book Shop, Waterhouses Campground and Marina, and numerous individual donors. 

Moosalamoo Association is a registered 501(c)(3).

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