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Moosalamoo national recreation area

C O N S E R V I N G   T H E   L A N D .   P R E S E R V I N G   T H E   S P I R I T .

Moosalamoo (pronounced moose-ah-la-moo) is derived from the Abenaki word “Mozalômo” meaning “moose call, song or sound”

Proposed MNRA Overnight Hut

Moosalamoo Association, Vermont Huts Association and the U.S. Forest Service continue to work cooperatively to built an overnight hut within the Moosalamoo NRA.

While there were hundreds of comments, both in opposition and support, for the Silver Lake site proposed in 2022, ultimately the USFS did not approve the prospective hut design or location so that users' experiences at Silver Lake wouldn't be affected.

USFS strongly believes the MNRA is an appropriate location for a hut, and with Moosalamoo Association, VHA, and public input, are currently seeking a suitable location that will not impact users' experiences, has adequate access water, and nearby recreational opportunities.

Related to the overnight hut and other projects within the MNRA, the Addison County Regional Planning Commission (ACRPC) will be working with USFS and the Moosalamoo Association starting in 2024 to complete a Moosalamoo National Recreation Area Master Plan. This project will provide a comprehensive and sustainable framework for the development and management of the Moosalamoo NRA to guide future growth and development, ensuring the preservation of natural resources and the provision of diverse recreational opportunities.

The plan will include a site and programming report, concept drawings, and master framework that will serve as a statement of work for future Forest Service projects and contracts, and will incorporate recommendations, stakeholder input, environmental stewardship goals, and regulatory guidelines. The Master Plan will strive to sustain and advance the health, vitality, and ecological integrity of the Moosalamoo NRA for current and future generations.  

It is likely that further discussions related to the siting and design of an overnight will be delayed until the final report is released in 2026. 

Moosalamoo Association is grateful for support from its members and many local businesses.

Benefactors, Supporters & Friends
And generous support from Champlain Valley Equipment, Green Mountain Club/Breadloaf Section, Multy Builders, Rainbow Pediatrics, The Vermont Book Shop, Waterhouses Campground and Marina, and numerous individual donors. 

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