Sex can be much brighter if you just start eating products for men health differently. It will help ordinary products, which are abundant on the shelves of shops and markets. Want to improve your sex life with cialis – review your daily menu.

Experts believe that pharmacists should “move away” from the mechanical implementation of ED medicines and focus their efforts on providing qualified pharmaceutical assistance. “Pharmacists can make a significant contribution to healthcare development if they focus more on working with patients. In particular, to control polypharmacy and the proper use of drugs,” said Keith Ridge, NHS Chief Pharmaceutical Director.

Almonds, cucumber, and licorice

Not only the almonds themselves but also just its aroma leads the woman into a state of sexual arousal. Besides, this nut contains amino acids that cause increased circulation in the genitals. Among other food, healthcare experts notice the smells of cucumber and licorice, which can raise sexual life by 13%.

Avocados: vitamins for sex

Studies of sexologists and nutritionists from leading online shops have shown that one of the causes of reduced sexual desire is the lack of products containing vitamin B, iron, folic acid, and potassium. “The lack of these trace elements inevitably leads to a feeling of fatigue, a decline in sexual energy and apathy, which also can not but affect the quality of sex life,” – said scientist Martha Morris from pharmacy website. Enter avocados rich in potassium and vitamin B6 on your menu, and forget about losing your sexual appetite.

Garlic for circulation

Garlic will cope not only with a cold but also with the loss of mutual sexual interest. Surprisingly, garlic effectively activates sexual desire. The chemical compound allicin, formed by the mechanical destruction of garlic cells, increases blood flow to the genitals, and sexual desire.

Goji berries

In addition to the many medicinal properties, the goji berry is indeed one of the best tonic sexual means known to Asian reputable online drugstores. Science has confirmed that goji increases testosterone in the blood, increasing libido in both men and women. Asian medics also treat infertility with popular otc pills.

Pumpkin seeds are a source of zinc

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, which can provoke a testosterone explosion in a single man, and with it, a new round of development of your sex life. Rich pumpkin seeds and so useful for the health. These trace elements protect blood vessels and arteries, making a man more resilient.