• Car

The Moosalamoo Region is an easy half day (or less) drive from Albany, Boston, Hartford, Montreal, and New York City.

Trailheads can be accessed at several locations.

Popular points include:
• Falls of Lana/Silver Lake off VT Rte 53 in Salisbury near Lake Dunmore & Branbury State Park
• Silver Lake via Goshen Trail from Forest Road (FR) 27 in Goshen
• Oak Ridge Trail off VT Rte. 125, East Middlebury
• Moosalamoo & North Branch Trails near Moosalamoo Campground from FR 24 in Goshen
• Minnie Baker Trail off VT Rte 53 in Leicester
• Leicester Hollow Trail via Fay Road (FR 40) in Goshen


  • Air

Our nearest airport is Rutland, about a 40 minute drive. From Rutland there are three flights to and from Boston daily. The flight time is under an hour. For timings check Cape Air.

Burlington airport has a more comprehensive service with flights to and from many parts of the country. This is about a 75 minute drive. Car rental is available at both locations.


  • Train

The nearest train station is Rutland. This is served by The Ethan Allen Express, which originates in New York City. The journey takes about five and a half hours. Timings are dependent on the season and should be checked with Amtrak.