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Trail descriptions

Please practice Leave No Trace ethics, such as carry out what you carry in.

Water Tower / Widow’s Clearing / Wilkinson Trails

Features:  Cross-country ski and snowshoe trails, Hiking.  Mostly forest with some mountain views

Use Restrictions: No horses or motorized vehicles. Mountain biking from FR 32 through Water Tower trails to Chatfield parking area.

Water Tower / Chatfield Loop:  Enter from the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail, Chatfield parking area(FR 65), FR 89, or Widow’s Clearing parking area.

Trail distances:
-Connector .07 mi., easy
-Sundown .4 mi., moderate
-Crosswalk .3 mi., easy
-North Star 1 mi., moderate
-Afternoon Delight .5 mi., moderate
-Trepidation .3 mi., moderate

Widow’s Clearing Area:   Widow’s Clearing Trail from Chatfield (65) trailhead to the Widow’s Clearing trailhead is almost 3 miles.  The section from Chatfield west to Water Tower trail jct. at #8 is a long uphill, but the return is nice. The terrain from #1 to Widow’s Clearing trailhead is easy. The Catamount Trail coincides with this trail.

Wilkinson Trails:  Trailhead is across the road from the Widow’s Clearing parking area on FR 32, or from FR92 after parking at FR89 trailhead.

Trail distances:
-Blackberry Run .6 mi., easy
-Moose Loop 2.2 mi., moderate
-Blue Heron Run .4mi., easy
-Shannie’s Loop .4mi., moderate
-Willow Run .6mi., easy
-Zip .1mi., difficult
-A.O.A .4mi., moderate
-Beaver Pond Crossing .1mi., easy
-Goshen Brook Trail(FR 92B) .4mi., easy

Catamount Ski Trail runs through the area from near the Widow’s Clearing parking area to Chatfield parking area for approx. 2.5 miles.

Blueberry Hill Recreation Area Trails

Features: Cross-country & back-country skiing, snowshoe & hiking trails. Mountain views, Sugar Hill Reservoir & Goshen Dam

Use Restrictions: Mountain Biking allowed on FR32 and FR67, Hogback Mountain loop, and Sucker Brook Trail from FR32 to FR67

General Information: All trails were laid out and are maintained by Blueberry Hill Inn and Nordic Center. Most trail junctions are marked with a number and arrows that point to the next junction numbers as noted below.

Hogback Mountain Loop:  An easy 3 mile round trip with a spectacular view south of the Green Mountains and Taconic Range any season
– use post #s 1,3,7,21,25,27,29,15,11,7,3,1, or do it in reverse.

Sucker Brook / Goshen Dam Loop:  A nice and easy 5 mile loop with beautiful view of Sugar Hill Reservoir and Romance Mountain. Winter – from FR32, use post #s 37,39,FR67,33,35,37,FR32, or do it in reverse. Non-Winter – from Goshen Dam use post #s 39,FR67,33,35,37, Goshen Dam, or do it in reverse.

Romance Mountain Loop:   A Challenging 7 mile loop brings you to near the top of Romance Mountain. Any season – use post #s 1,3,7,11,15,29,27,25,31,33,35 and return on Stewart Trail toward the beaver pond and back, or do it in reverse.

Catamount Ski Trail:  runs through the area from FR224 to near the Widow’s Clearing parking area for approx. 7 miles.
Other Trails: Be adventurous and try them. Some are better suited for winter use, particularly those on the west side of FR32. Be sure to have the map and follow the numbers. Try the Beginner’s Loop, Elsie’s Loop, Lee Todd or some of the other connector trails.

Oak Ridge / Mt. Moosalamoo Trails

Features:  Views – two near  Mt. Moosalamoo summit of the Green Mountains to the north and the east.

Use Restrictions: Mountain bikes allowed on Oak Ridge Trail from VT 125 south to Mt. Moosalamoo Trail junction, on Mt. Moosalamoo Trail, and all Forest Roads.  No horses or motorized vehicles.

Mt. Moosalamoo Trail:  The trail starts at the trailhead parking lot near the Moosalamoo Campground entrance. After crossing an old ski trail, it crosses the north branch of Voter Brook on a footbridge and climbs to the Oak Ridge Trail at 2.5 miles, a climb of 1530 feet.

Oak Ridge Trail:  From Route 125, the trail climbs south along an the old county road with power lines to a trail sign, then continues through woods, crossing National FR92A then FR92, and after a few miles it comes to a junction with the Mt. Moosalamoo Trail. The summit of Mt. Moosalamoo is 0.4 miles south on the Oak Ridge Trail, with two views – one to the north just past the summit,  and the other a bit south to the east. The climb is 870 feet. The trail then descends past the Keewaydin Trail jct. to a gentle ridge with views of Lake Dunmore through the trees to the west. The trail ends at the Rattlesnake Cliffs Trail at 8.1 miles.

Rattlesnake Cliffs / North Branch Trails

Features:  Views of Champlain Valley, Lake Dunmore, Silver Lake, Adirondacks, and Waterfalls

Use Restrictions:  No bicycles, horses or motorized vehicles.  Note – the trail to the cliffs is usually off-limits from May 1 – Aug. 1 to protect the Peregrine Falcon nesting site. Please check for the warning signs and observe this restriction – thank you!

Trail Descriptions:   Starting at the Silver Lake / Falls of Lana parking area off Route 53 south of Branbury State Park, go up past the Falls of Lana to the junction of the Silver Lake trail and take a left to go over the bridge onto the North Branch Trail.  Turn right.  Either take the first left on the Aunt Jenny Trail or the next left on the Rattlesnake Cliff Trail.  Both trails go up steeply to the Rattlesnake Cliffs Trail on the left. Take that and go to the two overlooks where you will get spectacular views of Silver Lake, Lake Dunmore, the Champlain Valley and Adirondacks. Return on the Cliffs Trail to the junction and take a left on the Oak Ridge Trail (north). This is a pleasant section that climbs slightly and give nice views of Lake Dunmore on the left. At the Keewaydin Trail turn right and go downhill through rich, mature forest, crossing the Voter Brook Forest Road, to the North Branch Trail. Take a right and head downstream past waterfalls on this trail all the way back to the junction with the Rattlesnake Cliffs Trail. This completes the loop and you can return back to the Silver Lake parking lot. A shorter option after reaching the forest road is to turn right and walk a short distance to the Voter Brook Overlook where you can get a great view to the west and up to Rattlesnake Cliffs. There is a short connector trail from here that brings you down to the North Branch Trail for your return.

Note. From March to August the trail to the cliffs is closed to protect nesting Peregrine Falcons. There is a sign at the start of the trail.

Silver Lake / Leicester Hollow / Chandler Ridge Trails

Features:  Silver Lake, Lake Dunmore, mountain views, Waterfalls, Multi-use Recreation Area

Use Restrictions:  Mountain biking allowed on these trails except the Goshen Trail and Rocky Point Trail south of the junction with Chandler Ridge on the west side of Silver Lake.  No horses or motorized vehicles.

Falls of Lana and Silver Lake: The trail follows an old carriage road from the Lower Silver Lake / Falls of Lana parking lot on VT53 uphill and past the Falls of Lana, which are viewable short distance from the trail (be careful of your footing). Then follow the carriage road to the right uphill to Silver Lake where there is a nice picnic area to the left of the dam. The maximum elevation change is 850 feet. The junction with the Leicester Hollow is just beyond the picnic area and over the bridge above the feeder channel from the diversion dam to the lake. For an extra bonus off the Silver Lake Trail, take the short uphill trail to Lenny’s Lookout for great views of Lake Dunmore and the Champlain Valley.

Goshen Trail:  The trail begins at the Goshen Parking lot on FR27 (Silver Lake Road) at a gate. The trail crests a low ridge and passes under a power line. Continuing through the woods, the trail turns right at a junction with the Ridge Trail, and connects with the Leicester Hollow Trail just south of Silver Lake Campground at 0.6 miles. Maximum elevation change is 270 feet.

Rocky Point Trail:  There are two trail junctions, at Leicester Hollow Trail, south of Silver Lake Campground, and at the dam on Silver Lake. The trail goes around Silver Lake on the west and south. There is a junction with Chandler Ridge Trail.

Leicester Hollow Trail:  The trail follows Leicester Hollow Brook as it ascends easily to Silver Lake. The trail ends at the Silver Lake Trail, near the picnic area. The maximum elevation change is 250 feet and average mountain bike ride time is 2.5 hours, hiking takes longer of course. Return the way you came, or via Chandler Ridge Trail, which begins off the Rocky Point Trail on the west side of Silver Lake.

Chandler Ridge Trail:  The trail begins off the Rocky Point Trail on the west side of Silver Lake. It follows a ridge with gentle grades with switchbacks and has views to the east and west of Silver Lake and Lake Dunmore, and then eventually meets the Minnie Baker Trail, then the Leicester Hollow Trail at 4.8 miles. Return via the Leicester Hollow Trail. Elevation change over Chandler Ridge is 720 feet.

Minnie Baker Trail: The trail climbs steeply in several pitches from VT53, meeting first the southern junction of the Chandler Ridge Trail, then the southern junction of the Leicester Hollow Trail at a maximum elevation change of 800 feet. The trail then descends on a long downgrade to a bridge at 1.2 miles. At that point it heads south as the old Leicester Hollow Trail, which you can take to VT73 or to Fay Road. Limited parking is available near the Old Churchill House, and at the end of Fay Rd (except in Winter).